Unit accommodation

                Anything is possible with Estonia Trading Company units


                    Do you want to build quick and flexible? Are you experiencing extreme growth? Urgent housing problems to                             solve? Estonia Trading Company, with over 23 years of experience in portable units, can help you with those                             issues with our flexible building systems. Better than anyone, we can translate your wishes to practical solutions                     with portable unit building systems.
                    An office, a school, a bank, a prison or police cells, site offices, a laboratory or (temporary) housing,
Steel                                 containers 20 and 40ft. sheds and alcove cabins, we design, build, transport and place it all. Temporary housing:                     long or short term, to buy or rent. Moreover, equipped with all necessary and desired facilities.
                    We make sure you get what you need, within your budget. Shortly, for all sorts of portable units, go to                                     Estonia Trading Company.

                    Please email or call us and tell us what you need, we can offer you custome made and we will be glad te make                         an offer of the products you want.
                    Telephone: +31 (0)416 690 683, email: .